What We Do

As we strive to advance Democratic ideals in our community and country, empower and educate our fellow citizens, and effect significant change by electing Democrats to office, we conduct the bulk of our work in three subcommittees: Elections, Protect Democracy, and Outreach. We meet as an entire committee about once a month (follow our Facebook page to keep current with the times and locations of these meetings) and break into our subcommittees for the second half of the meeting.  If you are interested in the work of any or all of our subcommittees and would like to participate, you can come to a meeting or email us at  dlfriedlander@gmail.com!


We work to elect Democrats to office, both within Massachusetts and across the country. In Massachusetts, we work hand-in-hand with the campaigns of nominated Democratic candidates who advise us directly. We run phone banks, host fundraisers, collect signatures, go door-to-door, send out postcards, and any other directed grassroots work you can think of.

We also work to turn “purple” states “blue.” We connect with campaigns outside of Massachusetts who we believe have a chance of flipping the state and then we work with them to accomplish that feat. If you have ever felt like your “blue” vote was wasted in this progressive state, you can join us as we promote progress through the rest of the nation.


It is our mission to protect and further every single person’s civil rights. Though voting rights should be unquestionable and thoroughly inalienable, there are people in this country who do not want everyone to be able to vote, and we know this. Gerrymandering, strategically inconvenient polling places, voter-roll purges, and obstacles to early voting and voter registration are just some of the tactics that have had a pernicious effect on suffrage today.

To protect our democracy, we must hold the door open for as many governed people as possible, and it is in service of this conviction that we seek not only to combat voter suppression, but to move towards expansion by increasing voter opportunity. We research areas where voting has been restricted and work with groups like the The National Democratic Redistricting Committee and Let America Vote. We also actively work to non-partisanly register voters in local high schools and colleges, as well as at town events like the annual Strawberry Festival.


We live in a frustrating time. Too many people feel disenfranchised from a political system that should empower us through our participation in it. Instead, people are watching their government make decisions they abhor every day, feeling completely shut out and as though neither their vote nor their voice matters.

You are not shut out. Your vote matters, and your voice does even more. This government is ours and we can impact its decisions through our work. We seek to engage, educate, and empower every single member of our community. We invite you to directly participate in our nation’s political process by working with us and the party.

We also work to better our community directly through charitable projects, among them our monthly food drive run in cooperation with the Nahant Democratic Town Committee.