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!!! 2018 Caucus Notice!!!

The Swampscott Democratic Caucus will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 2pm (registration open at 1:30pm) at the Swampscott Senior Center (200 Essex Street).  The caucus will elect delegates to the June Democratic State Convention that will endorse candidates for statewide office in the 2018 election.  All registered democrats are eligible to participate.  Please email question to Alix Smullin at stdc.chair@gmail.com.

The goal of this site is to engage you regarding the numerous issues and opportunities that face our great nation, our commonwealth, and our community. Like you, we are citizens and patriots committed to democratic [and Democratic!] ideals and values. If you’re not a Democrat yet, use this site to become informed of what we do and why. I’m certain that you will find much that is consistent and supportive of your ideals and hopes for America. You are always welcome at our meetings, and we welcome your participation in our activities.

 What makes our democracy work and makes it great? It is your involvement! Democracy is not a spectator sport. It works best and effectively when citizens are involved in identifying problems, finding solutions, running for office, and keeping elected officials responsive and honest. If you are a SDTC member, we need your energy, ideas, and your dues. If you are a Democrat, you will find compatriots willing and ready to join you in developing and advancing our agenda. If you are an independent, we want to engage you regarding issues and activities where our values correspond and have a dialogue to better understand where we differ. We will gladly work with you to improve the quality of life of our nation, commonwealth, and community. AND if you are a member of another party, let’s talk and exchange ideas. We realize we don’t have a monopoly on insight, creativity, or willingness to work. Considering the myriad and complex challenges we face, we truly believe that “Together, We Can!” make a difference.

So, enjoy the website. Let us know how we can make it more useful to you. Come to our meetings and events. Do email me (the SDTC Chair) at stdc.chair@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. GET INVOLVED!

Following are a few ways that you can get involved with the SDTC:

Come to one of our meetings – you can check our Facebook page for events and notifications. JOIN US!  Bring a friend.

 Volunteer for the Reduce Hunger Food Drive, on the 1st Saturday of each month from 9 a m to Noon.  Food pantries in Lynn, Swampscott and Salem report a dramatic increase in demand from families having to choose between the quality/quantity of food and paying bills.